The village is named after Alpheus B. Stickney, a railroad executive who had a large role in establishing the Clearing Industrial District. In 1913, the village of Stickney was established from Stickney Township land. Stickney began expanding in the early 1900s. In 1920, Al Capone and fellow criminals moved to Stickney and started opening brothels and speakeasies. After World War II, the population began to grow and the residential area of Stickney remained on the western side. In 1949, Commonwealth Edison built a coal-powered generator power plant that was partially in Stickney and Forest View. Stickney and neighboring Forest View worked together on many projects, including the construction of the Stickney-Forest View Library in 1953. Today, residents of Stickney enjoy the safe, quiet streets of the town and their close-knit ties with neighbors. The village has very much remained a tight community.