Mettawa (pronounced “met-OW-uh” by residents) is a small village named after a Potawatomi Native Indian Chief. Extending one mile east to west and about four miles north to south, Mettawa is east of Vernon Hills and Libertyville, west of Lake Forest, south of Green Oaks and north of Lincolnshire, and is bordered by forest preserves on several sides which provide ample opportunities for biking and hiking. Mettawa has a small amount of office and business park space but no retail enterprises within its borders. The Village was incorporated in 1960. Students attend school in Districts 70, 72, 73 and 103 and most high school students attend school at either Adlai Stevenson High School in District 125 or Libertyville High School in District 128. Mettawa is home to Whippoorwill Farms Park, a forest preserve.