1222-24 W. Ohio
Chicago, IL

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Chicago- Lincoln Park- Clybourn
1800 N Clybourn
Chicago, IL 60614
Main Phone: 312.642.1400
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Karen Ranquist

Danielle Dowell

The Flexhouse is a new type of home that is tuned to the “new normal” of the twenty-first century. The houses are modest, efficient, urban, and cool — appealing to urban lifestyles that seek to make sustainable lifestyle choices.

This is housing tailored to the new generation of homebuyers. Rather than rigidly defined rooms and hallways, the house flows, is more open and allows easy adaptation to a variety of uses and lifestyles. The Flexhouse philosophy does not stop at a unique floor plan compared with the traditional Chicago home, but it offers further flexibility for the owner to customize their finish options to their personal tastes. In the end it is an extremely flexible model that brings semi-custom modern design to a new neighborhood at a price point that could previously not be afforded in Chicago. The Flexhouse concept is the brainchild of Ranquist Development who has made its name in high quality, modern homes in Chicago’s finest neighborhoods. The Flexhouse model is the answer to what Ranquist Development has seen as an evolving market demand in Chicago with the ability to speak to new demographics and take root in vibrant, transitional neighborhoods. Ranquist is teamed up with ISA, a critically recognized architecture practice from Philadelphia. Their 100K House project, along with several others, have defined a design approach that serves urban housing demands with innovative, sustainable, design-driven solutions that are affordable to a broad range of homeowners and neighborhoods. The firm has won a dozen AIA design awards, designed the 2010 USGBC LEED Home of the year and has been featured in the NYTimes, Dwell, Architectural Record, Metropolis and on NPR Radio. Ranquist has also partnered with Sedgwick Investments, a local firm that focuses on the development and management of real estate within Chicago’s core communities. As a native downtown Chicagoan and real estate entrepreneur, Sedgwick’s principal, Lizzie Kaplan, bases her business on recognizing local neighborhood trends and translating them into development opportunities. Ranquist, ISA, and Sedgwick’s shared philosophy unites high quality and modern design, a forward thinking grasp of today's urban homebuyers, and a fresh real estate perspective that encourages innovation, efficiency and affordability.

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