Elaine Zannis

Raves and Reviews

Elaine Zannis did a first class job, as did Natalie Horan. The property wouldn’t have sold without their professionalism, perseverance, patience, and creativity. I couldn’t be more impressed with all their efforts. 

, Scott


It was great working with them, to find the perfect house for me. I had a difficult criteria, but they found me the house I was looking for to the T.

, Brian


Elaine was amazing from start to finish. Transaction seemed seamless. Highly recommend her for any real estate transaction.

, Murad


Elaine was very professional and courteous in our real estate transaction. From cradle to grave she walked us through the process and was transparent. Our home sold rather quickly through her experience and foresight in the marketplace and advertising strategy. 

, Leo


Elaine Zannis is absolutely wonderful. She marketed our property in so many different, creative, unique ways. I enjoyed watching her work with the prospective buyers to help them create a vision of them living in our place. The marketing materials she used were beautiful. If you are a buyer or seller, you have to talk to Elaine.

, Jack


Elaine is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. She listened to our needs, gave us good advice, set up all the appointments we needed quickly and efficiently, and helped us through a tricky negotiation. She stayed with us through the closing and with setting up painters and flooring people. The information she’s provided about the area is making our relocation much easier. I’d recommend her to anyone. 

, Dr. Virginia


Elaine was amazing to work with. She was very helpful throughout the process and easy to get a hold of anytime. She advised and helped with any issues that we weren’t sure of.  Definitely a big help in facilitating the entire process. Would highly recommend.

, Joe


Elaine was available, responsive, and highly knowledgeable on everything we needed to look out for. Her professional contacts for legal and financing were also on top of their game.  Definitely helped make the process go as smooth as possible.

, Jon


Elaine was very attentive and patient during the search process, which made me feel comfortable finding my new home. She understood what I wanted and reminded me of the things I needed. I am a first time buyer and, as such, did not know much about the search process or the real estate terminology. Elaine took the time to teach me and help me understand what I was looking at in every unit. It seemed to me that she really cared about my finding a place that made me happy, but that was also a smart long-term decision. I really appreciate the time, effort, and concern she applied in helping me.

, Nikki