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Gudrun Z. Jocis... Know Your Realtor

have lived in Chicago most of my life and am familiar with its unique real estate diversity. The city is imbued with beautiful architecture, and great ethnic cuisine. I truly enjoy sharing the many facets and qualities of the city with my clients.

My background... business experience for more than 25 years working as Chief Operations Officer in the corporate world of Industrial manufacturing I enjoyed all aspects of working with a wide range of businesses. My unique “client focus and service” along with my marketing abilities and strong negotiating skills I developed a keen sense of “listening and cultivating a strong communication platform” whereby over the years thru mutual trust and respect I had the privilege of cultivating and retaining million- dollar client accounts.

I retired from the corporate world in 2008. Licensed since 1992 I worked as a realtor from 1992 to 1998. In 2009 once again, I found myself choosing to work in the arena of Real Estate. I joined forces with my daughter Lina Schwartz, and we created Jocis Property Group. In 2016 Lina and I transitioned to a new name and are now LG Partners. As a team, we are a perfect blend of managerial hands on style, with high energy and of course, the perfect “Mother and Daughter Team”. You will often see our heads together, thick as thieves collaborating on better ways of doing business with our clients.

My expertise and what Ido well, I enjoy working with clients on a more personal one on one level. Each client and transaction is unique so finding the home that fits a client’s needs is my specialty. Having returned in 2009 at a most challenging economic time I gained experience in short sales, foreclosures, rehab projects, and auctions. Whatever the project or type of property I focus on results and I like to think that my ability to combine “high-tech”, high-touch” with knowledge and resources significantly influences the successful outcome of the real estate transaction in the best interest of all parties. Buying or selling a home is an exciting time!

My personal vision for Real Estate is to share the knowledge that “There is aDifference” when doing business as a Real Estate professional and as a Broker I strive to perform with total professionalism, expertise, honesty and integrity.

Having said the afore thus my reason for choosing BHHSChicago as their level of professionalism, goals and qualities reflect my own.

My interests: I love dogs and have 2 beautiful Siberian huskies. I enjoy photographing animals and unique plant life. I have a passion for gardening, and I have a particular interest in studying, growing and collecting herbs that have natural healing qualities. I enjoy cooking and exploring culinary recipes from around the globe. I encourage and support green technology, healing the planet, and earth friendly products for a sustainable lifestyle and future.

Member of: National Association of Realtors (NAR), Chicago Association of Realtors (CAR), and IL Association of Realtors (IAR) 

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