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One of my earliest childhood memories is living in Lincoln Park and taking the Clark Street bus with my siblings to McDonalds by ourselves. Lincoln Park Zoo was our backyard and North Avenue beach was our playground.  We moved to Oak Lawn during my high school days and my new friends were amazed when I said, “Let's catch the bus to the train and go to Oak Street beach for the day.”  


Studying finance in college lead me to my first real estate finance class and buying my first house when I was 25 years old.  (I recently helped my best friend’s son buy a condo in Lakeview East and he is only 25 years old!)  Starting a family gave me time to prepare taxes during tax season, which drew me to learn how to underwrite mortgages and enable new home buyers to qualify for home ownership.  Selling real estate came naturally to me and my years of experience in mortgage finance helped me become the versatile, creative, fierce negotiator and number evaluator I am today.


Chicago is home to me and as a real estate agent, I do a lot of driving throughout the city now. Seeing the growing, changing neighborhoods is amazing to me and echoes the famous Chicago urban planner, Daniel Burnham’s saying, “make no small plans.”  


Playing sandlot baseball with my brothers brought me full circle, as I currently find myself playing softball for the South Loop Sluggers at Grand Park and West Town’s Eckert Park.  When I’m not recruiting players in the elevator, I’m running or biking on the Lake, going to a Cubs game, tailgating, sailing or enjoying yoga.  I find most of my clients by being social and talking to everyone, meeting new friends, and trying new restaurants. 

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