About Beth Franken

I would love to work with you. Here are the reasons I think you’ll appreciate working with me:

  • CLIENTS FIRST.I’m not driven to “close the deal.” My drive comes from finding a great fit for you.
  • A DESIGNER’S EYE. As an accredited staging professional with IAHSP®, I’ll bring you one of the most powerful tools in selling your home: making it look fantastic.
  • A LITTLE BIT GEEKY. I'm good with numbers. I’m analytical. I’ll gather the right market data and present it in a way that helps you make a well-informed decision.
  • I KNOW A GUY. Through my experience flipping a house, I built great relationships with tradesmen, architects, lenders, surveyors - all the help you need in the home you’re selling or buying.
  • COACH & COUNSELOR. I get it. I listen. I provide stability, expertise, and support so you can enjoy one of life's most important transactions.

Real Satisfied Testimonials: