"Working with Sam was great.  He made condo hunting - which can be a stressful experience - relaxed and even fun.  He and his team have a great understanding of the intricacies of the Chicago housing market, valuations, and neighborhoods.  I felt confident that I was seeing the best of what was available, and that Sam's well-connected team was getting me the best deal possible."

- Mike Wahl


"I couldn't be happier with Sam and the rest of the Tarara group. I was a first time homebuyer, and knew little about the process of buying a home. There was a lot for me to learn and Sam was great about teaching me the process. Sam really knows real estate, and was instrumental throughout my rather complicated foreclosure purchase. He even knows home construction. He can spot a lemon from a mile away! I never doubted he was truly on my side, unlike some agents who seem out to make a buck at any cost. I have already recommended friends to Sam, and I will continue to do so. "

- Jason Wisniewski

"Sam worked with us for over a year to find the right home for our family.  He participated in the process faithfully, loyally, and with as much sense of purpose as if it had been for his own family.  We have worked with real estate agents in the past who grew impatient after a dozen or more showings -- hoping, it seemed, that we would just get on with it so they could make the sale.  This was the farthest thing from our experience with Sam.  Sam was endlessly patient, kind, and supportive.  In addition, because of his many years of experience in the retail residential market in Chicago -- both from the perspective of an investor and that of an agent -- he was particularly well-suited to advising us on a sound financial decision.  Indeed, there were certain properties that we would have been interested in -- and with which Sam might have made a quicker sale -- but he counseled us against buying them based on his judgment that they would not have held their value.  We bought our home before the real estate problems of the last 2 years.  However, the property recently appraised at our purchase price -- something that could not be said of the vast majority of home purchases in that time frame, I am certain.  And we credit it to Sam's intuitiveness and skill.  The fact that we love our home, of course, we credit to his patience and kindness and willingness to go above and beyond to work with us in this process.  Any homebuyer (or seller for that matter) would be fortunate indeed to have Sam on their side."

- Carolyn Gurland

"I’m pleased to recommend Sam Tarara and the Tarara Group.  In a very difficult economy, Sam never gave up on pursuing buyers for our home.  He was aggressive in marketing and showing the property and his efforts paid off.  Sam is always available and approachable, understands the anxiety his clients feel, and reaches out to consult and advise on new strategies.  He is realistic and pragmatic but always represented our point of view and our best interests.  In a multitude of ways he went above and beyond what we expected from a realtor."

- Craig D. Swenson, Ph.D.
  Chancellor, Argosy University System

“Sam did a great job helping us find the right condominium investment.  He knew the neighborhoods and the good (and not so good) product out there.  He steered us in the right direction, saved us a lot of time and eventually directed us to the right property that should be easy to rent and appreciate over time.  You can't ask for more than that.”

- Michael J. Elliott

"Sam was incredibly helpful in assisting us in finding a condo for our daughter.  His knowledge of the city was key to admittedly novice suburbanites.  He was incredibly diplomatic in balancing the wants of a 23 year old with the safety concerns of parents.  He was able to find us a secure building and her a hip neighborhood.  At no point did we feel rushed or pressured.  If there were problems with a unit he was the first to point them out.  As real estate attorneys we understood the legalities of the transaction but felt confident we were getting the valuation advice we needed from him to know we were making a good investment.  I have and will continue to recommend Sam to friends and families looking for property in the city."

- Joanne Elliott