Life is the Adventure.
Details Matter.

Bio; n. - a detailed description of life events
Puzzle; n. - a mystery that can only be resolved by assembling various pieces of information

My Bio Puzzle:

Yellowstone National Park Employee - Discovered my love of the mountains and developed my easy conversational style serving tourists at Mammoth Hot Springs & Old Faithful Inn restaurants. Ask me about Lamar River Valley, especially at sunset.

Professional Wedding Photographer - Absolutely was in my creative visual zone capturing the photojournalistic details of each couples wedding story. Yes! I have some entertaining wedding stories to share, just ask.

Executive Legal Assistant - What can I say? I discovered my love for organized information and developed my keen editing ability working with demanding execs.

Stay At Home Mom - Actually, I was rarely at home. I was a volunteer extraordinaire at our daughters' elementary school creating the annual yearbook, a Girl Scout leader for two troops, and a Relay For Life Gold Team Captain fundraiser. Thankfully my husband loves to cook and filled in the gaps while I was busy in the community!

Realtor - This unique adventure draws upon all my natural talents. I love the creativity used to guide buyers & sellers to complete a personalized home ownership puzzle one piece at a time.

Call/text/email me to get started on your home ownership puzzle.

I'd love to hear the details of your life adventure!

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